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    Copyrighted Content

    Listen to legally acquired Copyright content to kill Piracy!

    Reliable Partnerships

    Content is also acquired by Partnerships with content providers and your Telugu Associations.


    Listen to content that is prepared and meant for you. 26 locations for now. More coming soon.

    Mana Radio Features

    Unique Content

    Designed unique entertainment programming Content for our Listeners living abroad.

    24 X 7 Entertainment

    Interactive Programs with Celebrities, Politicians, Doctors, Scientists, Attorneys, CPAs, Associations, Institutions etc. for Infotainment 24X7.

    News from Telugu papers

    Select the sections/editions from Newspapers you are interested...will read updates from last 24 hours for you.


    A mobile Application Consisting of 5 Radio Stations to “Infotain” Telugu Language speaking people living around the World: Stations include:

    1. Live Entertainment: Radio Jockeys (RJ) driven Live Radio with Audience-Interactive Entertainment programs and Musicon various aspects, Celebrities, Doctors, Accountants and whoever makes a difference in our lives.
    2. My Radio: Unique Concept. You can select the sections/editions from Newspapers you are interested and will be able to listen to the news summary from last 24 hours. Set your preference once and just Hit “Play” from next time to listen to someone read it for you.
    3. Entertainment & Music: Along with Entertainment, Targeted for Listeners who are interested in Hit music until Year 2000.
    4. Millennium Hits: Along with Entertainment, Targeted for Listeners who are interested in Hit music in new Millennium.
    5. Devotional: Dedicated 3 hours of Devotional content round the clock. Content created specifically for that Day!


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